About Us


John and I met in 1996.  In July 1997 we married and blended our family to become 4 boys and 3 girls!!  We have enjoyed through the years watching our kids participate in sports, cheerleading, little leage, drill team, you name it.  Our children are now grown but we have the pleasure of getting to watch our grandchildren now in all their activities.  I graduated in 1989 from Nursing School and still work full-time and absolutely love my job.   We also have a maintenance and lawn service business that John oversees.   In our free time, John and I love to travel and we have been able to travel to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Branson Missouri, DisneyWorld, Jamaica, and most recently an Alaskan Cruise.  Our kids are great dog and puppy sitters!   John likes to watch television  (what man doesn't?) read and the Texas beaches.  He also enjoys antiques and coin collecting.  I love HGTV, listening to music, reading and movies.  I also love antiques, dinners with family and getting together with friends.  We attend church regularly and are very involved in the different ministries of our church.  We both come from close knit families and enjoy quality time with them.  We currently live in a home that was built in the 1920s that belonged to my grandparents in a small Texas town that I grew up in.  John was raised in a small town just 8 miles down the road. 

I hope this has given you a glimpse into our lives!




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